Help on Incremental Restore

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First-time user.    I am trying to understand restoring Incremental Backups.  Can anyone explain the steps needed?  If I do daily incremental backups to an external drive  I think I will have a Full plus a series of incremental backup files where each contains the changes since the previous backup file.  Eventally I will have another Full followed by another series of incrementals etc.  But what happens if the source disk fails and I want to restore?  Do I manually tell the restore to start with the Full then each of the incrementals in turn, does it automatically restore each incremental in turn after the Full or what happens?




  • When you are restoring you are asked to select the image (the incremental or full) you want to restore. If you select an incremental then it will restore (combine) all files from the full up to the selected incremental in one pass. 

    Try explore in the utilities menu, and you'll see that even if the incremental has only a few files, all the files from the backupset is shown in Explorer.

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