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OneKey Recovery BitLocker Compatible?

I'm unable to create a backup using OneKey Recovery - it just freezes (no error is shown).

I've determined the problem seems to be related to BitLocker.

OneKey won't proceed to the choose partition screen if my system drive is encrypted with BitLocker. No error is message is shown - but pressing the orange Next button has no effect. There is a 28GB unallocated partioned ready for OneKey to use.

If I disable BitLocker, OneKey proceeds as expected (offering to allocate the 28GB).

Is it not possible to use OneKey in combination with BitLocker?


  • OneKey Recovery doesn't support encrypted drives at present.

  • Okay thanks for the explanation.

    An ability to create a password encrypted recovery image of a bitlocker drive would be extremely useful if you ever get chance to support that!

    Until then you might want to consider detecting BitLocker and displaying an appropriate 'BitLocker Unsupported' error message.

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