Posibility to do a full Machine Restore through RDP?

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Right now we use AOEMI for computer-office (Laptop) Working Perfect
Now we are in need to do a Full Backup of some Remote Servers,
I know backup will work OK.
But any way to do that restore RDPC?


  • You mean do a full Disk Backup of remote servers and then restore?

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    * (Full DiskBackup) in The Server.

    1) AOMEI will be installed on the Server, Backup will be sent to FTP every Saturday.
    2) in Case Server Crash.

    what i would like to know, any idea to restore in a remote Server? (Any Idea)
    taking in consideration was a full crash and we need to do a full restore.
    (keep in mind we do not have fisical access to the server.

    Recomendation are welcome!

  • AOMEI Backupper cannot backup to FTP at present.

  • Hi Admin and thank for the reply,

    we will handle the FTP Backup that no the question.

    The question is about the restore

  • If the server crashes, you can boot from Backupper PE to restore the backup in NAS.

  • Backuper PE could you point to a Link Information

    (Keep in mind we dont have physical Access to the Server)

  • If you don't have physical access to the server, I'm afraid the restore is not possible.

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