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Ext4 and swap invisible

On my Nvme driver the standard Windows partitions are visible but my ext4 and swap partition are seen as part of unoccupied space.

This  happens if I start Winpe USB aomei partition assistent.




  • Please try to create the WinPE on a higher Windows version to see if it works.

  • Thank you for your contribution, but... higher than windows 10 latest release?

    I'll try to re-make my current version and I'll post it back

  • No luck, I have checked on my laptop now. With Aomei Partition Assistent 6.6 the program doesn't recognise no ext4 or swap partition on my GPT disks. It doesn't matter whether I start in Windows or in WinPE environment.

    Looks like Aomei depends on Windows to recognise file systems? This could explain why linux filesystems are ruled out and indicated as unallocated space.

    Probably I have to find another product (sigh)

  • edited February 2018

    I am having the exact same issue on Windows 10. I tried to do the recover partitions thing and it detected the ext4 succesfully. I told it to restore, it succeded and showed the partition. then it updated its list and it dissapeared. Seems to be an issue on Windows 10. Plus I have the program installed to my os as the latest version.

  • If you face such problem then you can use get help in Windows 10 and take a screenshot using best snipping tool and send it to support team. They will solve the issue.

  • @ElementalOfCreation Not nure what you mean "it disappeared", became unallocated? In Partition Assistant WinPE?

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