backup file on nas device got a new ip and there is no way to get to backup advanced functions

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Product:AOMEI Backupper standard
Problem description:
I try to go to one of my backups by selecting : Home (vertical tab) , pointing to one of my backups, press advanced and select for example , edit backup.
It says: "NAS Connecting" and finally brings the "Edit Backup" screen with the original location in step 2 window,  which is no longer valid, since the ip address has changed.
There is no way to change the path to the new ip address.
What should i do in this case to fix the problem ?

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  • if you know what the old ip address was you could try and give the nas that as a static ip

  • You can delete the backup task and then import the backup images on NAS with new ip address.

  • Thanks. it worked.
    Two more questions:

    1.I created a full backup image and about a week later, a differential backup image.
    Just wanted to be sure that in case my hard drive fails i can restore from the full backup image and then do a restore from the differential backup image to a new empty disk.
    Will this be a valid restore order ?

    2. If in between the above backups i deleted some files from the disk, will the exist after the completion of the restoration process ?


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    1. You only need to restore the differential. It automatically restores the unchanged files from the full backup too.

    2. The deleted files are present in the full backup but not in the differentials made after the deletion. You can copy manually all the files you need from the full (or differential from before the deletion) using the explore option.

  • Hi,
    Does the free AOMEI Backupper standard version:4.0.6 include  the ability to restore image to dissimilar hardware?
    I saw the option in the SW. but I also saw somewhere that it is only included in the paid version...
    Can this kind of restoration be done from a differential backup ?

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    Yes and yes. I only use the Free version and I clone or backup/restore to other PC's or other HDD frequently. Never had a problem. Only Windows licenses can get invalid on new PC.

  • Well, the Universal Restore is only available in Pro version.

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