After extend partition, the source partition left unformatted and data there lost.

Hello, I am new in Partition Assistant. I have used it on my own computer (Windows 7) for splitting and extending partitions and I am satisfied by the result - all data are safe.

As I have simillar problems with my office computer (Windows XP), I began an extention of the C: partition (NTFS; system + programs and so on) оn account of partition D: (NTFS; data, documents and so on).

After finishing the extention (everything seemed to be OK) I found that the partition d: is reported unformatted and all data there missing.

Can I recover this data in any way? I saw a big log file, but I could not find a way to recover.


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    Hello parlapanov

      According to your description,what caused this problem maybe the exsisting disk error in your office computer.We strongly suggest you to do defragment and disk error checking before disk splitting or extending operation.

      And we are sorry for the inconvenience the operation occurred.We suggest you to do a disk cloning(using AomeiBackuper: of your D partition to see if the data is still available on your disk, if the partition occupying can be shown in cloning window,you can try to clone it to an external disk, otherwise you should use data recovery tools to find your data back.

    Hope these will help.

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