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  • I am trying to do windows to go on samsung T5 SSD with250gb space with windows 10 iso. All seemed smooth until it reached close to the end and it has been stuck at 3minutes remain time for hours. Any idea what is going wrong and how I can resolve?

    I am doing this from a windows virtual machine on my macbook air.

  • Hi, is the operation completed?

  • No the operation did not complete. A first progress bar went all the way to 100% then a second progress bar gets stuck with progress status as (Remain time: 00:03:00). Should I cancel and restart the whole process? Can I somehow cancel and proceed from where it got stuck to save time or somehow scan the disk and fix faults?


  • I cancelled as the operation never came back. i check the disc and it has many of the windows folders/files but no way to know if all is there. I tried to boot from the disk and it did not work either. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Btw since I have windows on the virual machine can I alternatively use migrte os to SSD? Getting windows on a drive for my mac has been a nightmare (other issues with other software...)


  • I don't think the migrate OS to SSD will work.

    About the ISO, did you download it from Microsoft official? Or did you create it by Media Creation Tool?

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