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I have 3 partitions on my Asus tablet according to the Windows 8.1 disk manager. However, when I open the AOMEI program it only shows one partition with the total SSD disk space.  I want to delete/remove the 7.5 Gb partition that holds the system restoration files.  How can I do that if I can't see it and select it?  


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    I'm sure there are partitioning software programs (including Aomei) that could do this for you quickly and efficiently. That being said, I can give you a work around that should work for you. Of course you'll need the extra HD's and connectors to accomplish this.

    Do a "system" backup using Aomei to an external or spare internal HD. Then do a "system restore" booting from the Aomei Boot Recovery disk (which you'll have had to create). You can restore to the same drive or another blank spare. Be careful if you use the same drive. Make sure you do have a valid backup somewhere. By doing a "system restore", only the OS and partitions necessary to run windows will be copied back to your drive. Your 7.5G partition should not be copied. 

    I did this for a friend when we built him a new PC and he still wanted to use the HD's that came with his HP computer. The extra recovery partition made by HP did not copy over. You may need to resize your partitions afterwards if you didn't use that option when restoring. Good luck with this.

  • As an aside, I just noticed you said "tablet". Is that correct? What OS are you using? Not sure what I said would apply to a tablet.

  • Can you upload screenshots of Disk Management and Partition Assistant?

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