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Restoring drive image to a larger disk

I just restored a disk image of my 256g SSD to a new 1tb SSD. It worked great, except my C-drive is the same size as before, and the rest of the disk is un-allocated. Is there any way I can do the restore so that my C-drive uses all of the available space?


  • edited December 2017

    You can click Edit partitions on the destination disk before the restore begins. Above the red square in the image.

    You can the choose Fit all partitions to entire disk. Or edit as you want, but that is only in de Pro version available.

    The Fit option will enlarge all partitions with a factor 4 (1 TB / 256 MB) in your case.

    There is another free option available after the restore: Download Aomei Partition Assistant. With the Free version you can edit partitions, enlarge/decrease and move them or merge with unallocated space. It may take quite some time depending on the hardware.


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