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Suggestions: Deletion of Versions, Exclusion of System-Files


thank you for the changes in version 2.01. It seems like you have realized some of the suggestions made in this forum.

Now I have two more suggestions:

1. Deletion of backup versions

When you choose the delete funktion in version 2.01 of Aomei Backupper, you only have the choice to delete either the backup task or the task and the backup file. But when you choose to delete the file as well, all backup versions will be deleted. I would like if I could choose from the gui of Aomei Backupper, which version files should be deleted. It could be realized like this: When you click on delete, a new window opens, which shows you the existing versions of the backup task, and also if they are full, differential of incremental backups and which is the size of each backup version file (similar to the list, which is shown in version 2.01, when you click on properties). Here it should be possible to choose, which version(s) you want to delete. If you choose a full backup, and there are differential of incremental backup versions based on it, these should be automatically checked for deletion as well (because they are useless when the basis full backup doesn't exist any more). But of course there should be a warning, that these differential or incremental backup versions will be deleted as well. Additionally there should be another check box, where you can choose, if you want to delete the backup task as well (or only the backup task, when no backup version is selected). Then there should be a "OK" button, which leads to another screen, which shows you a summary of the versions and/or backup task, which will be deleted and asks you to confirm, that you really want to do this step. Here should be a "delete" or "execute" button to execute the deletion of the choosen backup version files and/or task.

2. Exclusion of System-Files from the backup

In version 2.01 of Aomei backupper you can choose in the backup options if you want to do an intelligent backup or a sector-by-sector backup. In both cases, large system files like pagefile.sys and hiberfile.sys are included in the backup, which makes them much larger then necessary. I woud like if I could choose to exclude at least these two files when making an intelligent backup.



  • Hello heschlo,

    Thank you so much for your suggestions. As for your first idea, it may make the delete operation to be a little complex. Actually in the pay version, you can found the backup file management function, by select the backup task and select Advanced--Properties--Backup Scheme, then enable Disk Management, after that you can tell the program to keep a certain times' backup files or keep N copys of backup file untill the last day or the last backup, the program will delete the all the backup files and start a full backup then follow your schedue back plan. Once it reached the last day or last backup, start the loop again. Also in the later version, we will enable you can keep N copies of backup files all the time, that means the program will only delete the fisrt a few old backup files but keep N new follow-up copies of backup files at all the time. 

    As for the problem in your second suggestion, actually the intelligent backup will exclude those two file, have you verified it?

    If you have any further questions please feel free to let us know.

    Best Regards,
    AOMEI Support Team

  • Hello.I'm new to Backupper but it's a great tool indeed.

    I know this is a replay to an old question but... I can confirm heschlo doubts: Backupper doesn't exclude system files. (Win 8 Pro on ASUS laptop with 16 GB of ram ==> approx 15GB in pagefile,hyberfile,swapfile). When I mount image file I can see those files (they have bkp timestamp).

    Best regards, Giorgio.

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