Backupper space managment scheme error

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Backupper Technician Plus 4.0.6 make backup (full image) to folder whith quota and get error 4138 - There is not enough space on the disk.. 

Folder contains two full backups and nine differenceal for each, bacckupper must delete old full + differencial backup and make new backup.


  • Can you show me your backup scheme configuration?

  • Backup schedule settings:

    Weekly : Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 

    Backup scheme:

    Space Managment Scheme 10 with versions of differencial backup (1 full + 9 dif)

    We always need to keep a minimum of two weeks of backups(1 full scheme cycle).

    Two cycles are placed in the network folder, at the beginning of the third cycle the first one must be deleted.

  • So is it something like this:


    Can you upload a screenshot of the backup images on target folder?

  • We will test this issue, thank you for the information.

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