It's Ransomware!!!

I can't fucking believe I fell for this shit!!! I'm just waiting on the offer to restore my files if I pay. I can't get any where but to safemode with command prompt. My profile and computer is gone!! Don't use this software. 


  • Charming!

    AOMEI products are recommended by all responsible forums and experts.

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    What is the product? Where did you get the product? What did you do with it (download it, install it, run it)? A little more information might help resolve your issue.

  • On that note... If i have an external drive connected to my pc and point the backup destination to that drive can they be locked by ransomware?

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    @dave: what I woud do: Boot from a CD (or write protected USB (SD card)). 

    Clean the Hard disk (or SSD) with Diskpart in the utilities menu of the booted AOMEI.

    Then reboot, connect de external drive and boot Aomei again and restore. That way the infected drive never came in contact with the external drive.

    B.t.w. I don't believe Aomei from the website is infected. Maybe Amanda downloaded from an obscure website. However I know last year there was a problem with an old version of Aomei on a fresh installed AU version of Win10. It blocked access and prevented Win10 from booting.

  • Any drive connected to your PC can be infected. This is the main reason saving your valuable information to the cloud is recommended (by some anyway). Or if you save a backup to an external drive, it would be wise to disconnect it and store it in a safe place when done. Of course, if your PC is infected while you are making the backup (or uploading the infected file to the cloud) reinstalling that backup would be of no use as you'd be putting the problem right back.

  • I have not been infected but want to protect the backups that are scheduled every night that go to an external drive. I see an option to make the backup encrypted with a password when setting up in backupper. would that prevent the backup files from being affected?

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    NO. Any file can get corruped no matter what the content. Example: software can break any file in 2 pieces or alter any 0 into 1 and 1 into 0..... 

  • Ok thanks... Any ideas how to keep the backup images safe other than disconnecting the external drive all the time because scheduled incrementals are done overnight  like pointing to a cloud or nas (probable not)

  • 1. Is there any way to send the base image or incremental images to our servers or to the cloud or to an FTP site?


    2.  We are installing your software on customers desktops and exporting the base to an external drive plugged into the user’s computer. All of the daily incremental are also being copied to the external drive. I if they get ransomware on the computer that will also infect the external drive. Is the incremental then able to be restored? If that’s the case then none ofthese incremental can be restored? What is the solution?


    Please let us know how we can protect customer from ransomware. If system is infected than your base images or incrementals  are notrestorable?

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    Dave, I think these posts have gotten off topic. What we should be concerned with in this thread is what Amanda is talking about concerning AOMEI being ransonware. If you're concerned about backing up safely, maybe you should start another thread. That may a better way to handle your questions. She hasn't answered yet and at this point it's hard to tell what her problem is or if there is really a problem with AOMEI. 

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