Changing cluster interrupted now external hdd cant be read

Hi converting ntfs to fat32 was interrupted during changing cluster and now my external harddrive couldn't be detected. is there anyway to fix this?


  • Update: Tried plugging it to USB 2.0 port and it is detected, on USB 3.0, its not.It is aking me to format the disk which I prefer not to yet unless there is no other choice. I prefer to keep the data if it is recoverable.

  • Can Windows access the data when you plugged the drive to USB2.0?

  • It only prompts to format the disk so I dont think it can access the data or I cant say for sure.

  • I'm afraid the drive was corrupted.

  • So what does that mean? I cant restore the data even if i use recuva? If so, can I still format the drive and make it useful again? I badly need your response. Thanks

    ..tha k

  • Update. 

    It is detected on port 3.0 but, again, prompts me to format it.

  • You could try recuva to see if it can recover the data. If not, you'll have to format the drive.

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