Unable to restore backup

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I am trying to evaluate the Aomei Backupper.

I have two laptops, one is HP, the other is an Asus Zenbook.

I have backup both of them using Aomei Backupper to an external HD.

Then I restore the HP image to Asus Zenbook, which is a success. So far so good.

But when I try to restore the Asus Zenbook image, I can't. I can select the image -> select Disk -> no matter what partition or disk I select, the next button is always gray out so I cannot proceed further.

Can you advice why is that so and how can I restore my zenbook image ?


  • Please upload a screenshot of the problem.

  • step 1: selected Path


    step 2: select backup image


    step 3:


    step 4: selected the disk, but cannot proceed


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    Maybe you should clean the destination disk first with Diskpart so it acts as a new fresh and empty disk.

    In CMD mode:


    list disk

    select disk #  (be sure that # is the correct disk)


    (convert gpt      if needed)



  • i have tried using diskpart but no success

    then i also tried reinstall Win 10 first, then install Aomei into it, and try restore, but also not working

    the error i am getting is the destation OS is a different from source or something, but both are windows 10

  • So the source disk is MBR and target is GPT?

  • hi , i used the free software to create a win 7 disk backup. i am trying to restore that image to same size disk , after restore all i get is CURSER flashing.

    Seems everyone is getting this , how do we fix this ERROR please ?

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    well i have just done a system restore , and guess what THE BLOODY CURSOR FLASHING AND WINDOWS NOT BOOTING , IM GOING BACK TO ACRONIS , AT LEAST THAT ******* WELL WORKED !!!!!!

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