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Help getting just files (not system restore) onto new laptop


Please forgive my lack of knowledge of technical terms. I did a system backup my Lenovo onto an external hard drive. Then the laptop I had backed up died and is no longer accessible. I'm trying to recover the files that were on old Lenovo and move them onto new laptop. I don't want to do a system restore, just get the files. When I go to the backupper interface, I don't know how or where to navigate to get just the files from old computer. If someone could provide a link to stepo by step instructions, or screen shots that would be very helpful. Thanks


  • I think this is what you're looking for..

    How to explore image

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    You probably need to "Browse a path to open the image file that needs to be explored" in the bottom of the Explore screen, since your are exploring on another PC than where the backup is made on. If you don't get access to the files due to permission rights, try another file explorer than Windows Explorer. Like Q-dir (google it).

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