How to use PA to backup Windows 10 system



  • UPDATE !!!

    I went to the AOMEI website to confirm that there was some sort of guarantee.  Which I found (90 days).

    As I was combing the website, which is really spiffy BTW, I came across all sorts of things that I didn't see before.  One of them being AOMEI OneKey Recovery Professional.

    ALSO there's a special deal for bundled software that I didn't see before.

    So here's the 64 Million dollar question: Will AOMEI OneKey Recovery Professional back up my Windows 10 configuration and restore it, no problem?  If so, I need to talk to someone about buying the Partition Assistant/OneKey Recovery bundle and paying you the difference.


  • If you use Partition Copy to clone a system drive, it will not be bootable. So please use Migrate OS feature.
    Backupper and OneKey Recovery can backup your Windows 10 system and restore it.

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    Backupper and OneKey Recovery can backup your Windows 10 system and restore it.

    Are you sure about that?

    I was having technical difficulties getting the test version of OneKey Recovery to work.  So I started a thread here:

    As you will see when you read that thread, your own webpage says that OneKey Recovery only supports Windows OSs as high as 8.1.  Meanwhile, your website says that Backupper CAN backup and restore Windows 10.

    I would prefer to use OneKey Recovery.  But, other than your earlier assertion, I haven't come across a confirmation on your website that OneKey Recovery will work with Windows 10.

    PS:  If I use the Migrate OS feature in Partition Assistant as you suggested, I'm confused concerning the term "migrate".  Does that mean that the OS will be moved or copied? Thanks

  • The OS will be copied.

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