Surface Laptop Backup Issue

edited October 2017 in AOMEI Products Support

I've been using AOMEI for several months after recommending we adopt it in our production environment for imaging systems. So far so good, I am using it to deploy master images to our client Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablets. We just recently picked up the new Microsoft Surface Laptop, and it has presented me with an unforeseen problem. When I attempt to back up the C: partition (OS), I am getting the error message:

'Information code 4122: Failed to get bitmap'

I'm not sure why this occurs as most of the hardware between the Surface Pro and the Surface Laptop is identical. Do you guys have a fix for this, or any suggestions? I appreciate any help you can give, as I have dozens of the laptops to configure and would prefer to do it by imaging and not manually. I am able to image the partition with Clonezilla, but this is not ideal as I much prefer AOMEI's interface and I don't want my NAS cluttered with different image formats. Thanks in advance.



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