Main Threads:Win 10 SSD Partition Merge Hangs On Restart
  • Hey all,

    Not so new to AOMEI, buit perhaps noob in Win 10 / SSD / Partition vibes... I got lost partition, not sure if it's my overprovisioning for the SSD, but the latest SSD soft says my SSD don't support it even...

    Secondary problem (actually most important), my EUFI (or whatever) boot doesn't work anymore and I believe it's since a desktop tried to boot from my SSD when it was in an external. Now my Win 10 still boots but only in legacy mode... I also believe (more of a think) I have two recovery partitions because of that...

    Any chat help suggestions appreciated :)

    PS. There is a third thing...


  • oops, did I do this post wrong?

  • Not sure about your first question, do you mean the data on Disk 2 is gone?
    Disk 1 is a GPT disk, it can't boot in Legacy mode.

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