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  •  Hi there 

    image I was using another partition tool to resize the main windows partition (C:SSD_C) since there are some free unallocated space.

    However after the resize operation I can no longer boot into Win10, it keeps going to "Preparing automaitc repair"...

    So I used Aomei to help recover the (C: but Aomei calls it G: with 116.74GB) I saw it listed in the recovery results (partition 0 in the results), however when trying to select it it says "The selected parition overlaps with existing partitions, please re-select." 

    Please refer to the screenshots below image

    So I have 4 questions:

    1. Why is G: says 0.00KB used? Does that mean my windows installation/data are all gone?

    2. How can I restore my windows partition (G: as Aomei called it) to so it will boot in Win10?

    3. Do I need to restore the boot partitions too?

    4. Once I get win10 to boot again, what's the safest way to resize the C: so I can use the 10+ GBs unallocated space

    Many thanks for your help

  • Anyone?! Please..... image

  • Please try AOMEI Boot Repair to see if it can fix the problem:

  • Thanks....but I tried running it but it didnt even list the lost main partition. Might be because it was overlapping another partition?

  • This program is used to repair your system, instead of recover the partitions.

  • Actually I'm not sure what I need to do with the program...

  • Please click OneKey Repair:


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