What does this option mean ? and what are the recommended scenarios for use.

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I have been testing AOMEI Backupper and so far I am very impressed. There are however a few hard to understand translations in the message boxes and this is one of them.

When creating a backup and selecting the main C drive and the System Reserved partition as the backup source I see this message.

"If you want to backup the system partion, to ensure bootable after restore, would you like to use the 'system backup' function to realise the operation. Yes or No" 

I have been selecting 'No' and have encountered no issues with restoring images in a test scenario.

What is this feature and when/where should 'Yes' be selected ?



  • I think I understand this a little more having explored the options.

    Although I am using 'Partition Backup' in the main options and Selecting both System Reserved and C partition I see the message. Technically I have already made the 'correct' or 'Yes' choice and so ideally this message should not appear.

    Had I not selected 'System Reserved' then it should appear as a warning.

    If so then perhaps that could be looked at for future versions and for the message not to appear if System Reserved is already selected by the user.

  • In most cases, the computer will not be bootable after a partition restore. So it is recommended to use system backup instead of partition backup.

  • Does using Disk Backup also give a bootable result?

  • Yes, because it covers the partitions that make Windows start and all others on your computer

  • My appologies for responding to the earlier comments... I thought I was automatically subscribed to replies.

    When using 'Partition Backup' and then manually selecting both the system reserved and the main C partition I still see the warning.

    Ideally the program should be smart enough to detect that the user has in fact selected all partitons needed to restore Windows and not generate the warning.

    Its a small point but one that as a new user had me confused... why should I encounter problems booting a restored image when I manually backed up both partitions. 

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