Main Threads:What is the first thing comes to your mind when you see AOMEI?
  • My first exposure to Aomei was OneKey Recovery.  I was looking for a system recovery tool to replace the tools integrated with Windows and different tools provided by different OEMs - to standardize computer builds with one recovery system regardless of computer manufacturer or OS.  OKR was the only tool I found that did that - and with a built in F11 boot option.  I think of Aomei as a relatively young company focused on recovery tools.  But support isn't as responsive as businesses need.  And the licensing/pricing by product is more complex than needed and not identical across products.

  • When I see Aomei Backupper is also in the photo! More Aomei on computers.


    Good would also be backups secsays say when done an already power immediately is done the same backup in another unit. You have finished backup on the Hitachi drive and started on another drive like a Seagate.

  • The first thing that comes to mind is a company that provides a good product for a reasonable price. I have only used Backupper Pro since January and the only real problem I've run into was in creating a bootable recovery disk. Support did help me with this early on and since then I've had no problems either doing a backup or in testing a restore.

    That being said, I still find the documentation woefully outdated and incomplete when compared to other backup programs that are available. I don't know if language differences enter into this problem or if something else is involved.

    I've been able to receive help using this forum from other users with other small issues I've run into but not much from the forum admins. This again may be a language issue. I've also tried to help on the forum with my limited knowledge of this product and feel this venue is a great way for all users to assist each other.

    Although there seem to be a lot of forum posts, I think the number is acutally smaller than with other backup or security products. If you look at Norton or Malwarebytes, their forums seem to be deluged with product problems every day. So in general I would think AOMEI products are running fairly well for most users. 

    I used Norton Ghost for many years and I find AOMEI's Backupper Pro to be a good follow on product to use for that discontinued program. Product updates and improvements are always appreciated and I will continue using AOMEI fully expecting things will only get better.

  • a real good backup and recovery software with a lot of potential for future developments

  • The first thing for me would probably be to think of a company that does not seem to get very much exposure or recognition on popular forums. When AOMEI does get a mention it is considered competent, but it also never seems to be the recommended or 'obvious' choice.

    Having used AOMEI Backupper briefly a couple of years ago, and now more actively I can not understand this. My only real complaint with Backupper would be the small window size it uses for its interface and also some less than perfect grammer and sentence contruction in the various message boxes. The fact you acknowledge this does actually earn your company more respect, as does the way you engage with your user base.

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