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Backup Schedule & Scheme

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I just cannot understand the way the Schemes work.  There just doesn't seem to be enough options for it to make sense.  I emailed tech support but was directed to what I have already read in the Help File.

What I would like to do is Make a Full backup and then 14 incremental backups.  Then a full backup and 14 incremental backups.... and I want this pattern to repeat 6 times.  On the 7th time I want the oldest backup (#1) along with its 14 incremental backups to be purged... On the 8th time then the oldest backup (#2) along with its 14 incremental backups to be purged.. etc... and repeated forever. (I always want 6 full backups along with thier 14 incrementals to be on the backup drive at all times)

How do I do this in AOMEI Backupper??

It is so easy to schedule in other backup software packages but in AOMEI Backupper the instructions are so confusing.

Please someone help ?!?


  • Hi @Wog, the scheme you mentioned Backupper does not support yet, current Backup Scheme won't be able to repeat the pattern multiple times then delete all old backups. if you choose Incremental Backup Scheme( 15 versions : 1 Full + 14 Incrs) , when it run the pattern second time, 1st  Full backup + 14 Incs will be deleted imediatly , so on the 7th time, only 6th old backups left to delete, the former old backups already being deleted.  


  • Is this something we can expect to be implemented soon? This is the way we use Acronis 2014 now, but we will be switching to Win10 for the whole company in the near future and we want to switch to an alternative (more lightweight) Imager, but it must support this kind of Scheme (1 Full, 6 Incrs. per week, but with a history of 4 weeks in our case).



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