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OneKey Recovery Backup prompts for AIK Win7

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I've installed OneKey Recovery on different computers and used it to backup locally creating a system recovery image.  However, for the first time on a new computer, I am being prompted to download and install WAIK.  This, like others I have done previously, is Windows 7x64 Pro.  The only difference I can think of is this laptop has an NVMe drive (I have installed and used OKR on Win10 on NVMe, but this is my first install for Win7 on NVMe).  OKR version 1.5 in all cases.  I don't want to install WAIK on this computer and have never need to do so previously.  Any help?


  • It seems onekey can't find the location of winre.wim.

    Does F8 "repair my computer" function on that machine?

  • No it does not.  The drive is also GPT, the first time I've worked with one.

  • Try opening admin cmd prompt:

    reagentc /disable

    reagentc /enable


  • I tried these commands, did not work.  I have converted the drive to MBR, but OKR would not create the PE stating WAIK was required.  I've NEVER needed this before.

  • Hi @cpohts, please check your disk if  Winre.wim file is available. I recommend you download "everything" to search the whole system.  

    When creating boot disc, all AOMEI Software (AB,PA Onekey) will do the following things:

    1) check BCD file  if there is information about Windows Recovery Environment 

    2) Check if there is hidden Recovery Partition available.  

    3)  C:\Windows\System32\Recovery\ReAgent.xml

    4) Scan C:\Recovery\*, and Check if  C:\Windows\System32\Recovery\Winre.wim


    If it fails to find Winre.wim. then you have  to install ADK/AIK 


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