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PC wont boot after restoring to different hardware

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I tried to restore an image from one PC to another .

The new PC is an old laptop an "Advent 8215P"

I followed the instructions carefully and made sure the restore to dissimilar hardware box was selected.

When it was finished I rebooted but after the BIOS was loaded I just get "Windows is copying files" it then reboots and keeps doing this over and over again.

The windows version I am trying to move to the new PC  is windows 7 ultimate

I am using Backupper professional.

Has anyone any idea whats wrong please?

Mike Pooley


  • Have you also tried without the dissimilar hardware checkbox?

    Did you Clean the disk wth Diskpart before the restore to erase all leftovers from the previous OS?

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    Is the version you're trying to move a 64bit OS? The reason I ask is the processor for the Advent 8215P is the Intel Core Duo T2350 which is a 32 bit processor. It will never run a 64 bit program. If your copy of win7 ultimate is 32 bit, then there's more work to do here. (LIke getting 32 bit drivers for an old PC. That may be a problem.)

  • Yes you are right I forgot it was a 32 bit machine! image

    thanks for reminding me.

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