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Operation aborted, information code 49

I am trying to resize the C drive of a Dell Precision workstation with the factory-installed Windows 10. The GUI lets me resize the C to what I want (shrinking from about 1 TB to 128 GB). However, when it starts in the pre-OS mode, it immediately fails with the error "information code: 49" It also says The version of system is equal to or higher than 1703. We suggest you don't move the system partition, which may cause system boot failure. 

The message is obviously bogus, for 1) I am not moving the system partition; I am resizing it and 2) why would it prompt me when it's in pre-OS mode and not in the GUI?

What is information code 49? 


  • I have the same issue.  The help file indicated to create a bootable media, which I did, and then tried to resize down and received the same error code 49.

  • For some special reasons, this feature is temporarily limited for win10 1703.

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