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Backupper 2.0 unable to read DVD sets

As noted in my post under "seek help", when I try to verify or restore from a set of DVDs, Backupper reports the error "Uninitialized component or function cell".  This is not a hardware error or system error, as I have been able to do this with two other imaging products.

This error does not occur if the backup set is on an internal HDD.

I now believe that the error should read "Uninitialized component or function call".  This points to a coding error in that part of the program that, after reading the backup index (or similar) from the last DVD, attempts to request the first DVD of the set.

I hope that you are able to fix this error in the next release, as I really like the product.


  • Hello,

    Thank you so much for your kind support.I will report this error to our development staff, I believe they will figure out the problem and fix it in the future.

    Best Regards,
    AOMEI Support Team

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