Dell PowerEdge Server T610 RAID1 SAS Controller 1TB Hd to 2 TB Hd

We needed more space on drive C of Dell PowerEdge T610 Raid1 (1 TB HD).

So we bought two (2 TB Hard Drives) to replace (Drive 0 and Drive 1) in a  Raid 1 configuration.

Having not properly "Planned" this transfer we ended up copying (Drive 0) 1TB Hard Drive to the new 2TB using a regular computer. Re-installed the new 2 TB Hard Drive into Drive 0 and the server restared (SBS Windows Server 2011).

The first challenge was to increase the c Partiton with the newly found space of the 2 TB Hard Drive. We had to buy AOMEI Partition Assistant Server Edition (Order # 3ERCQLM-AEM9ZZ) July 23, 2017. This allowed us to increase the C Drive partition and all have been good. 

Problem is that the server is booting to a SATA Drive (2 TB) not a RAID1 and I have the other 2TB HD in hand. When I checked Dell Configuration Utility For Dell SAS 6 v6.22.03.00 (2008.08.06)  to create a new Array R1 Volume both physical disks will need to be formatted. " All Data on volume disks will be DELETED!" is the message to create the new RAID1 Volume. 

I have no problem to get another 2TB and create the new RAID1 Volume with two (2Tb Hard drives) mirrored in Drive 0 and Drive 1. However the million dollar question is how do I backup my current 2TB Sata and transfer same to the new RAID1 Volume and BOOT no problem. Which AOMEI product or products will I need to achieve this, any step by step guidance would be greatly appreciated...Client also operated 365 Days for the year so my window to work is 8:00pm to 8:00am ?

So I have to plan same very carefully and execute deliberately... 

Kindly email me at [email protected] so I can move quickly to get my clients back to original state...



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