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List of suggestions to th next version


Just bought the AOMEI Backupper Professional Edition 2.0 and it works great, even the VSS works great.  I’ve 3 backups scheduled every Monday, Wednesday and Friday so in that respect the functionality of using the built in scheduler in Windows 7 also works great.

Now using the program I've come up with a little list of requests/wishes for the next version.


1) A true x64 version (My system is Windows Professional x64)

2) The possibility to save a log file per. backup which is saved in the destination directory - optionally destination can be specified by user.

3) The possibility to overwrite an existing backup instead of making a new one every time(space consuming)

     When overwriting,  a temporarily backup can be made and when backup is complete the file is renamed, which gives a higher level of security.

4) The possibility to choose backup format e.g. zip.

5) The possibility to save/export backup job, and load/import the job.


Best regards and keep up the good work

Buffalo – Denmark


  • edited June 2014

    Hello Buffalo,

    We have received your suggestions before and I have reported it to our development staff. I have to say sorry, we couldn't add all the features you required at once. However, you will see you are able to view logs, export/import backup job in the next version.

    Best Regards,
    AOMEI Support Team

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