Main Threads:BAD CONFIG INFO WIN10 after Clone HDD to SSD
  • Hello

    I seem to have an issue when cloning a traditional system HDD to a SSD. I have ticked optimize for SSD and the clone appears to work successfully. However, when I boot from the SSD I get a BSOD saying Bad_Config_Info 

    I have tried booting to WinPE and running bootrec /fixmbr, /scanos /rebuildbcd commands and that doesn't work. I have also tried to boot to safe mode, but I can't get into advanced options. I have tried restoring the registry by replacing the files in C:\windows\System32\Config to backedup / default ones, still no luck

    I have this error using Backupper Pro or EaseUS tool, so not specific to your product, but annoying none the less.

    Any ideas?

  • Is MBR or GPT initialization type the same on the original HDD as on the SSD?

    Else, Clean the SSD with Diskpart commands, initialize is as MBR or GPT whatever the HDD is.

    Then try making a disk or system backup from the HDD on external media and restore it on the SSD. Does that give the same error?

    B.t.w. is the firmware of the SSD up-to-date?

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