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    I expect the AOMEI Backupper Network app to firstly have encryption transmission between source and destination (NAS).

    transmission as well as the backup itself have encryption 256-AES.

    decent speeds (usually with the help of compression to speed up transfer and also reduce storage size when storing on the NAS)

    the data not to be corrupted (or whats the point).

    Also a Aomei ease of use when navigating the UI as i've grown accustumed to.

    i use qfinder for QNAP to detect connected NAS on network. so i expect something similar from Aomei for when trying to find and select a connected NAS. should not just expect user to manually input connect lan NAS. It's helpful it aomei can detected connected devices automatically via scan.

  • hope not too late with my reply. was expecting a chance to test out the app itself prior to giving feedback.

  • @norbert, Hi Norbert, thanks for paying close attention to AOMEI Backupper Network. We have just released it yesterday. And we feel sorry to keep you waiting so long. And we'll reward every user who has left suggestions in this post within this week.

  • @buckitall, hi there, thanks for your feedback

  • @mooglestiltzkin, Hi there, thank you for giving us so many suggestions and ideas about our centralized backup software. We have just released the Beta version yesterday. Sorry for keeping you waiting so long. Will send the reward as promised within this week. 

  • @admin

    Sorry for late reply.

    Please explian more about "agent---Different server/PC, different agent" in requirement No. 1

    "Different backupset in one account." in requirement No.6

    "email server support non auth local smtp server and support both IP & domain/hostname.-----improve of existing backup version" in requirement No.8

    "Statable NAS and smb backup destination.-----improve of existing backup version" in requirement No. 9

    "Import / Export the backup setting in different level. eg. whole backup program/ one agent PC setting" in requirement No. 11

    "also restore in file based and have dedeep function" in requirement No. 13

    "Backup vhd but can also restore with file based." in requirement No. 14

    No6-----One account, Management console can management different backupset eg. PC has management console and backup the server D:\IT Twice a week to server A, but backup D:\Account everyday to server B.

    No8-----Existing backup tech pro (What I use) seem can not set the smtp server with username and password auth (eg. internal exchange server) I have ask TS but they said can not at this time.

    No9-----Existing backup tech pro sometimes will suddenly become can not backup and TS teach to del the NAS.xml and set the destination again.

    NO11----Central Network product should have lots of interface and setting, but we may need different backup for different used. (eg. whole setting backup for management server reinstall, computer pool or destination pool for restructure the backup plan)

    No13----Want to has dedeep function to save capacity (eg. If I have 7 same files in different directory, it will auto detect the same file(or block) ,  backup data just keep one file size, but retore can retore back to 7 same files in different directory)

    No14----Backup the virturalization HDD (eg. Hyper V), it will backup a vhd files, it contain lots of files and data in this files, some times we just need one file inside it.

  • @admin

    Sorry, I just install the central network, I have some question. Thanks.

    1. Can it backup files based file (eg. D:\IT\UserA) I just see system, disk and partition, but it will very large.

    2. I have several PC installed the Aomei backupper tech plus, can they connect to the network console? or must install the standard beta?

  • @TigerEmperor, hi there, thanks for your feedback. For now, the beta version does not support File Backup and you have to install standard beta to connect the central console. However, the final version will support connecting to central console with standard, professional, server versions.

  • @MENINBLK, hi there, thanks for your feedback. we have just released AOMEI Backupper Network Beta yesterday. And it supports Windows 10, so you can use a central console to backup Lenovo notebook and toughpad.

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