Following hang backups appear missing

I started a backup that never completed because the computer hung (i.e., stopped running or responding). I had to do a power off reboot. Prior to the hang, I had three backups scheduled. That is, they appeared on the Backupper home screen that says "all backups are listed here." Now they are not listed. Are they lost? Should I recreate the backups?

If I do have to recreate them, is it all right to schedule them to start consecutively five minutes apart? Am I correct in assuming that the program will only run one backup at a time?


  • The missing backups did not run overnight as they should have. I guess that means that they are really gone and that I have to reschedule them. 

    Is this a common occurance? I'm concerned about the reliability of Backupper.

  • You can import the backup image and schedule again. Yes, AOMEI Backupper will only run one backup at a time.

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