Main Threads:Error 34, failure to write due to bad sectors - Brand new SSD?
  • Hello,

    I recently purchased Partition Assistant Pro.

    I am trying to migrate from a HDD to a SSD, but when using the Migrate to SSD or the Disk Copy Wizard, both are restarting. Looking good for ~25GB, then failing with Error 34,

    Failed to write sector (with bad sector).

    You will be given these error codes when there are bad sectors on your disk.

    So I started looking into repairing bad sectors (This is a brand new SSD too, just arrived in the mail yesterday) but a few resources I have found state that SSD do not even have sectors, they have blocks?

    By chance, I stumbled across the disk surface test tool, and it checked out fine during a quick test. Running a (not quick) test now. (The error 43 text should reference the next steps, like using this, it would be helpful for others in my shoes)

    how do I proceed? What are my next steps?

    Thank you!

  • Please do the operation in Partition Assistant WinPE to see if the error persists.

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