Show last backup date instead of next scheduled run time in Home

In the Backupper home screen, it shows the most recent backup date for backup entries that are not scheduled, but those that are scheduled show the next run time instead of the last completion date. 

For me, the most important thing to know about any given backup set/task is when it was last performed (successfully).  When it is next scheduled only matters in that context; if I don't know when it was last completed, knowing when it is going to run again doesn't mean much. 

If a backup task hasn't been completed in a few weeks, it's seriously out of date right now, and I need to run the task right now (manually) to correct that.  In that case, the fact that it might be scheduled to run a week from now isn't really useful information... it's not telling me that my backup is out of date now.  I have no way of knowing that simply waiting for the scheduled task is not adequate without specifically checking (and since my backup set is on a network share and password protected, it takes a few steps before I can get this simple information).

If the last backup was performed yesterday, though, and the next run time is in a week, everything's fine, and no action on my part is needed.  Knowing that it is scheduled for one week is good information, but it only matters once I know that the backup set is current. 

Additionally, in the Restore tab, it shows the date the backup set was created, but again, the most useful info (IMO) would be the most recent backup task available, not the earliest. 



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