Backupper Standard 2.0 Scheduled Backup Requires Manual Username & Password Entry

My problem is similar to that
described by ISDPCMAN on May 5 and happens from both Windows 7 and
Window 8.1 laptop computers.  I made full backups from each laptop via
network shares to an external drive on a Windows 7 desktop computer. 
All three computers are members of the network Homegroup, which has Full
Control privileges (including Read and Write) to the shares.


The full backups worked normally to the respective shares, without needing manual entry of any credentials.  But scheduled backups, as well as incremental and differential backups run from the Backup drop-down tab on the Home screen, before running generate the "Input Username and Password" dialog shown here:


After credentials of an administrator on the desktop computer are entered, the scheduled backup runs.  But that requirement defeats the purpose of scheduling an unattended incremental or differential backup.  On the Windows 8.1 laptop, AOMEI does recognize specified path through the Home / Advanced / Properties screen.  But on the Windows 7 laptop, when the "Image Path" link is clicked on, Backupper displays the message shown here:


Under the previous AOMEI version (1.6), scheduled backups ran
successfully without any need for manual entry of credentials.  Giving
"Everyone" Full Control on the share permissions did not change the need
to enter credentials from either laptop computer.


  • Hello,

    We are so sorry for this problem,it is a little bit tricky and complicated. In order to solve the problem in the fastest way and permanently, we suggest you allow us to offer remote assistance. Our technicians will do their best to help you on this issue. Also, this may take a while. Thank you so muchfor your patience and understanding.

    And please let us know when you were free to apply this operation. Our time zone is East eightzones. BTW, this operation is based on the Remote tool-Team Viewer. You could download it from CNET. Please launch TeamViewer first, there you will see your unique User ID with password, then send them to us, so that we can connect toyour computer. Please sent us the details to [email protected] 

    Best Regards,
    AOMEI Support Team

  • I've the same problem on Win 8.1Upgrade. Scheduled Backup to the network share asked for username and password.

    Is there a solution for that issue? I don't get this under version 1.6.



  • Backupper Version 2.0.1, available for download as of June 26, fixed this problem for my environment.  Scheduled backups to a network share no longer stop to ask for username and password.

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