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Backupper For Linux System Disk

I suspect this has been mentioned before but I would like to add my vote to the count.   It would really be nice if there was a bootable CD/DVD that had the same features of AOMEI Windows Backupper for backing up a Linux OS based server including compression and ext4 file system support.    I have a personal Linux (CLI only) server that I would dearly love to have the same confidence in backing up as I currently have when using Backupper to backup a Windows system disk.   It would not matter to me what the OS on theCD/DVD was or if I had to build the CD/DVD on a Windows PC first.  My only requirement would be that the CD/DVDwould boot up to same GUI as the Windows installed version and allow you to backup a Linux system disk on to a second internal drive or a USB external drive. It would also be nice to be able to back up to a network drive as well but I admit that is just plain being greedy.



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