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Complete Backup Option?

This has probably already been answered multiple times, but what is the best option for doing a complete backup of everything on my computer. I would like to do a backup that will restore everything back to normal, including all Windows files, program files, and my personal files. So basically all I will have to do is click the backup and eveything will be back to normal. Is there an option like this in the free version of AOMEI Backupper?


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    Disk backup (to external disk) and

    Restore disk backup (from external disk)

  • Awesome, thank you.

  • Am I correct in assuming that if you use Disk Backup then you don't need to clear the disk being restored of its existing partitions before restoring it?

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    I think so, but cleaning with diskpart is done in 10 seconds and also available in the utilities menu of Bootable Aomei media under Command Prompt. So why not really start from scratch if you do the Restore?

  • Thanks for the swift reply, and I do have an AOMEI bootable DVD, so I guess cleaning the disk to be restored is the best way.

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