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Clone - Two Dell Optiplex 7020 Windows 7 Computers with internal HD

I have two (2) identical Dell OptiPlex 7020 Windows 7 Pro computers. Computer #1 will be the Production Computer. The data files will change daily, and the custom application may be modified by the 3rd party vendor, remotely, as needed. Computer #2 will be a Hot Spare. I want to clone the hard drive from Computer #1, to Computer #2. Currently, I clone 2 @ Windows 2000 computers with no issues. Can I use AOMEI to clone a Hard Drive running Windows 7 Pro? The issue with the two (2) Optiplex 7020 computers is, there are no Hot Swap Drive Bays. Each computer contains one internal 500GB SATA HD. So, how do I clone from Computer #1, to Computer #2 with internal drives? Can I connect a USB Drive to transfer the IMAGE? Or is there a better way?  I need to synchronize Computer #2 with Computer #1 once per week. Can Computer #1 continue to operate while it is being cloned?


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