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remote storage area network backup

I have been using AOMEI tools for over a year, the mainproducts are;  Server backupper  & PC backupper for one time backing upcloning and the scheduling backing up of disk and database file. All of whichhave been work will for me so fare for the following windows server 2012, windows8 and SQL database


However historically when carrying out a disk backup forwindows 8 PC's back using a boot USB, I was able to see the network storagedevice once mapped.

I now get to the point of trying to define  the share but I receive the following massage: cannot find path check network adapter I have also use the option of building aWin PE  boot disk installed AIK/ADK ect...



The following problem is based on windows 10

AOMI backupper standard 4.0.4



  • Can you upload some screenshots of the problem?

  • It seems as if all issues are pointing towards identifying thenetwork adaptor drivers when creating the bootable ISO or USB. Access to the sameend point is available by mapping directly from the local device using the sameauthentication details.


    Information when adding a share or NAS device within the AOMEI:

    The program is unable to connect to the network. Please enterthe correct credentials and check the your network is functioning correctly.


    Information when setting the IP address from within AOMEI:

    Network adapter not found



  • I am having the same problem.  I'm going to try and get Windows 7 drivers and load those into the Win7PE back upper USB drive.  Unfortunately, loading drivers of any kind for the AOMEI PE USB has been unsuccessful.

  • I assume this also the case with the AOMEI Back upper proversion of as I am currently using standard version. This is causing somewhat of a problem, I am now backing up a volume on the local device. 



  • You could add corresponding driver when creating WinPE.

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