Main Threads:Onekey Backup - archive password does not protect against overwrite.
  • Setting password for the backup seems futile, as the program allows anyone who boots into Onekey at startup to make a new backup, overwriting the previous one - without being prompted for password..

    This makes the password function useless, when trying to protect workstations against alterations.

  • We will reconsider this feature, thanks for your feedback.

  • Simply please consider implementing the following:

    IF(backup archive is encrypted/password protected)

    THEN (require correct password entry before allowing any further operations)

    ELSE (archive is not encrypted, thus: commence without password)

    The main purpose of Onekey is to backup and recover from a stealth partition. Without any mechanism to protect this system copy from normal user alteration renders the software next to useless. Therefore it is a pressing issue for me to be addressed, before I can start deploying this to client computers with confidence.

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