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Onekey Backup - archive password does not protect against overwrite.

edited June 2017 in AOMEI Products Support

Setting password for the backup seems futile, as the program allows anyone who boots into Onekey at startup to make a new backup, overwriting the previous one - without being prompted for password..

This makes the password function useless, when trying to protect workstations against alterations.


  • We will reconsider this feature, thanks for your feedback.

  • Simply please consider implementing the following:

    IF(backup archive is encrypted/password protected)

    THEN (require correct password entry before allowing any further operations)

    ELSE (archive is not encrypted, thus: commence without password)

    The main purpose of Onekey is to backup and recover from a stealth partition. Without any mechanism to protect this system copy from normal user alteration renders the software next to useless. Therefore it is a pressing issue for me to be addressed, before I can start deploying this to client computers with confidence.

  • The password behaviour proposed by Karol would be perfect for our needs as well.

    If the backup was password protected, it should not be possible to do anything (backup/restore) without entering the password correctly. Ideally the password entry would support a touchscreen keyboard.

  • Still looking to buy if this functionality ever gets implemented! :)
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