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Error 104: Total clusters too large & exceed the file system allowed capacity.


when trying to convert my M.2 Samsung 960 Pro (512GB) from MBR to GPT I get the error message "Error 104: Total clusters too large & exceed the file system allowed capacity." The disk contains only one partition. I use Windows 10.

I have no clue what this error means? Can anybody help?

Thanks in advance.




  • Is it important for you to keep data on the disk? Windows itself has tools on board to convert to GPT but with dataloss.

  • Yes, I want to keep my data. That's the reason why I bought AOMEI partition software.

  • Please do the operations in AOMEI Partition Assistant WinPE.

  • I have this problem too, with a WD Red 4T drive in Windows 10. I tried in WinPE, but it gave the same message. What next? I want to save my data.
  • Recent versions of Windows 10 have an mbr2gpt.exe on the install media and in system32.  See Microsoft docs at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/deployment/mbr-to-gpt
    I've used it a few times and it completes in seconds.  Use the /validate option first to see if the disk meets requirements for the conversion.

  • @Megaera, Did you also get the error when you convert the disk from MBR to GPT? What status is the disk? Could you take a screenshot of Windows Disk Management so that we check?
  • Yes, I got that exact error within Windows. I then made a bootable disk with your software on my other machine and booted this one with it. I do not know if that would have worked, because as AOMEI booted into WinPE, I lost my keyboard and mouse and couldn't do anything at al. (USB for both.) I'm now sorry I paid for this program, since it won't do a single thing I need it to do.
  • @Megaera, Sorry for the inconvenience. Please try to recreate the WinPE bootable media, and you can add the drivers of USB to WinPE. Please refer to here: https://www.aomeitech.com/kb/backupper/winpe-bootable-media-cannot-recognize-some-devices.html
    In addition, could you take a screenshot of AOMEI Partition Assistant so that we check the layout of the disk? And, please also send us the log folder under the installation directory of AOMEI Partition Assistant so that we check.
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