Aomei 4.0.3 is not compatible with Wondows 10 Creator Update

Aomei disturb Windows windows  management

with any application , suddenly windows frame appears but content either never display or after a long time

and finally system become stucked completly


  • Can you upload some screenshots of the problem?

  • It's difficult to have screen shot of empty windows frames

    for example after using aomeibackupper randomly all windows stucks

    even cmd windows remain empty either for a lot of time or never before displaying prompt

    also in explorer you can't select any item

  • Does the problem occur when AOMEI Backupper is running?

  • After a boot no problem until i start backup with backupper, a few time after backupper finish

    problem arise.

    after reboot problem disappear

  • I have two pcs both with windows 10 creator update on one everything works well on the other instead emerge the problems described by petitlou60.

  • Install fails, see attached message


  • @asc04431131. That message is known to happen with version 4.0.1 on a fresh installed UEFI Windows 10 Annniversary update. Did you install the latest version of Aomei, 4.0.3 ? It should not occur anymore.

  • I can confirm that this display issue happens to me, also, even with 4.0.3.

    The drop down menus just don't show up, except in rare cases (which I can't seem to reproduce), and the Windows Start menu is also affected.

    It's strange because I'm not yet on the Creator's Update, and the program worked in the past, up until very recently. Perhaps a recent Windows update is to blame, or maybe video drivers (I use an Nvidia GTX 1070)?

  • @brianprince What display issue? Any screenshots if possible?

  • Hello,

    i think have find source of problem

    When backupper is running HDD is completly saturated ,you have 100% busy , good response time but no place for other I/O. So any other application which need I/O has a bad response time

    and in pratice does'n respond leading to windows which can't get their content.

    In fact Backupper is good product but which too much monopolyse HDD and in practice you

    can't do anything on PC during backup , so erase advantage of live backup

    Best regards

  • Hi admin,

    The issue is that the drop-down menus simply don't display themselves. Once the bug is triggered, other pop-up/drop-down menus in Windows also stop working (the Start menu, for example). The only cure seems to be to use ctrl-alt-delete to log-off the current user, and then log back in. If I try to use Backupper's interface again, however, the same events will occur.

    I'm not running a backup or anything when the bug happens, just launching the AOMEI program and then trying to access any menu. 

    (I should note that my scheduled weekly backup is still happening as it should, I'm just unable to change any of its settings because of the menu bug)

    A screenshot wouldn't really tell you anything, since the problem is missing menus. I could try to capture a video. I'm not sure it would be very helpful, but I'll try to do it in the next few days.

  • I have exactly the same problem. Even after an reboot  I open up Aomei AOMEI backupper prof
    The menu does not respond at all

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