Backupper v4.0.3 Can't Backup to NAS - Stuck at 0%

Hello, I upgraded to the lastest version of Aomei Backupper on two of my systems and now neither of them can backup to my NAS. Both get through the config steps but then just sit there at 0%, so there's something wrong with Aomei or my NAS.

How do I troubleshoot this issue. Does Aomei generate a log?


  • And if you uninstall version 4.0.3 and re-install the old version everything works OK? Then your NAS is fine.

  • Where can I download the latest v3 installer from?

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    I found a v3.5 installer on FileHippo (hopefully not virus ridden) and it appears to backup my systems just fine.

    Also, v4.0.3 wouldn't backup to my NAS or an external drive.

    Conclusion: v4 is NOT ready for primetime.

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    ucdscott, this won't help you but I'm using v4.0.3 and running a backup to both a NAS and an external HD without any problems. So the problem you're having isn't the program but possibly something else. And it was also working okay with v4.0.2. This is just an FYI that v4 does work so if you want to use it, you may want to look deeper for a solution. If you're happy with v3.5 it would seem you're set.

  • v4 is garbage. After uninstalling and rebooting twice, I still received the following error:

    "Setup has detected a restart required to perform the uninstall."

  • Please check whether there is an ABCore.exe in Task Manager.

  • Four years later and I've run into the "Setup has detected a restart required to perform the uninstall"  issue again.

    ABCore.exe is not running and I've followed the instructions here, but AOMEI prompts every time I attempt to install.
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