Newbee-Question: How to restore when one System Full- and several System Differential backups?

I´ve backed up my System Full once, followed by  2 Differential backups. 

Question 1: Is the last Differential backup integrated in the Full backup?

Question 2: If not,  which backup do I have to restore first, the Full- or the differential backup?

Question 3: When all 3 backups are positiv validated, can I delete the first Differential backup and only keep the last differential backup in order to save space?

Any answer will be appreciated.


  • A1: Full backup + Diff backup is combined in one Restore.

    A2. You can choose: Only the Full of an older date or a Differential of a later date.

        So you can restore back in history, e.g. restore only an old version of a specific file.

    A3. I think yes, but to be absolutely sure, rename the first Diff. backup image and explore or restore the last Diff. backup. Mind this is not possible with Incremental backups, they all need to be present.

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