Upgrading old boot disk with Backupper

I just completed a procedure to upgrade a two HDD system to one SSD and one HDD - moving the boot drive to the SSD.  The process I used requuired an old HDD, but it went smoothly.  Here are the steps:

1) Start the machine with a Windows PXE  USB drive. Connect the "old HDD" by USB or eSATA. Create a system backup on the "old HDD" making sure to use the options that will make it bootable.  The result is a disk that has a very large partition for the C: drive, most of which is empty space.

2) Use the partition tool to adjust the C: drive partition to size slightly smaller than the size of the SSD.  For a 240GB SSD I made the partition size 220GB.

3) In the machine, pull the power and data cables from the original boot drive and connect the HDD just created.  It should boot and the machine should appear to be the same as it was.

4) Also in the machine, connect the new SSD either by open SATA connector or by eSATA.  Alternatively, if the machine has two drives like this one, use the D: drive cables.

5) Reboot the machine with the Windoes PXE drive and do a system clone from the "old HDD" with the reduced partition to the SSD.  

6) Connect the SSD as the boot drive and you will get a system with a new fast booting SSD.  

In my systems, the Second HDD is used as the pimary data storeage so I can manage backup of the boot drive and the data drive seperately.  I'm going to use this procedure to upgrade 6 6-year old PCs for a client.  The new SSD will be easy and quick to back up and the older data drives will be continously backed up for another year or so and then replaced.  I will NOT have to rebuild any of the systems.

If you are working with a single disk system that has both C: and D: on the same device, a similar procedure can be developed that would allow the addition of the SSD and then extending the HDD to be used for data - seperating the C: and D: drives.  

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