Drives not vissible in startup from bootable media

Hello all,

I have a ASUS Mobo prime Z270-A with a M2 drive.

Also there are 2 harddisks attached.

When i boot with the Backupper bootable media, which i made in PE mode and UEFI, None of the drives are vissable.

Anyone a tip how i can make it vissible, i have to change something in the UEFI Bios i think but i tried some things but still nothing vissible.

Please can someone help me ?



  • Can these two disks be seen by Backupper in Windows?

  • Yes al my drives ar visible in Windows 10

  • All drives aree GPT and only the USB drive from the bootable media is visible in backupper when i boot with the media, in Windows backupper see all drives

  • Please create the bootable media on another computer to see if the problem still exists.

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