Backupper standard: Error 4101

I generated a backup task on March 5th 2016 and adding an incremental backup worked several times. Then the backup failed on booting of the laptop (as expected) until now, because I did not attache the external usb drive until today. Now I cannot continue my incremental backup because it seems that the task is not regognized anymore. The drive is read/write and enough space available (you see I checked already out your existing guidance to this error).

I see the task only when I click recovery but when I try to continue it says "unable to get the backup information because the image file does not exist..."

The "Check Image File" feature works only if I manually select the path where the adi files are located and then they can be checked and are OK.

I updated to the current Version but it does not help.

Any more hints?

Thanks a lot for your help


  • Please delete the backup task and then import the backup images.

  • Dear Admin,

    Thanks for the prompt response! But I did not receive any email that you responded or I missed it. 

    it works image but I was afraid to "delete the backup" which in fact means only deleting the backup task. Furthermore the import feature was not easy to find. Should be not that "hidden" I would like to suggest.



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