Backupper Standard 2.0 Restore problem


I’m using AOMEIBackupper 2.0 for Full Backups of Windows 7 Professional x64.


I had to change my SSamsung SSD 830 128GB because of an hardware issue (the new one is a Samsung SSD Evo 840 120GB).

Now restoring is impossible because the new SSD is 8GB smaller than the original one. (But data for restoring should only need around 20GB)


In BackuppersDialog it says:

Note: This selected destination partition istoo small. Required the at least: 119.36GB

The new SSD onlyoffers around 111GB.



Is there any way to assign the partition size?

Would BackupperProfessional offer this possibility (lile Acronis True Image does)?

I need urgent Help!

Thanks and greetings from Austria


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    We are so sorry for the inconvenience you encountered. As for your problem, when you go to restore the image, are you able to reach the step like in the picture below:


    If you could, please click the "Edit the size of partition" option, next in the popup window, you are able to resize the partition to fit the destination. 

    If not, there are two cases: Case 1, if it is a system backup, when you restore it, please select Restore to another location during the process, next restore the partitions individually. After that you need to rebuild MBR and Edit BCD file. Please refer to this link:

    Case 2, if it is a disk backup, in Approach 2, Step 2 of this tutorial: , please select Path to select a partition in the image to restore. Then restore the partitions individually.

    Sorry for the current inconvenience, we will keep making effort to improve this program.

    Best Regards,
    AOMEI Support Team

  • Thanks a lot Kim,
    Case 1 you discribed solved the problem.

    May be I'm doing something wrong, but always if I make a "System Backup", wipe out my SSD and trying to restore with AOMEI Backupper 2.0 BOOT Stick, I always have the problem that it says " This selected destination partition is too small. Required the at least: xxx.xxGB"

    This does not happen, when I'm making a Disk Backup.
    Maybe this Information may help you by developing.

    Best Regards,

  • I am also getting into this problem.

    It seems to thing the "system restore" is a "partition restore"

    When I select the image to restore...

    Pop up- "Program dectects the selected backup is a system image, would you like to do a system restore?"

    I select Yes

    Highlight the Image and select "Next"

    This is where the trouble is...

    It sees it as a "Partition Restore"

    It now shows all disk and partitions and ask "Select the destionation for the partition image that you wish to restore"

    It should show what Kim has posted "Operation Summary"

    "Source" -> "Destination"

    Any assistance would be appreciated...Thank you for your time :)

  • Hello to all,

    Sorry for the current inconvenience. We will keep making effort to optimize this program.

    Hi, buckitall, as for your problem, I suppose your OS is windows XP, so your system backup only contains one partition. If so, there is no problem, you could continue to the next step.

    Best Regards,
    AOMEI Support Team

  • Thank for your response...I am not using Windows XP.

    I created an Image of Window 8 (Orginal with System), then upgraded to Windows 8.1 and created another image.

    On the "Home" tab there shows the two images but when I go to select "Windows 8" image the program cannot locate the file. I have to locate the file using the "Restore" tab.

    When I go to restore back to Windows when I do not get the proper "System Restore" feature. The feature IS there when I select Windows 8.1 (Source -> Destination).

  • I try to restore a system backup to excatly the same SSD and I get the error with PARTITION IS TOO SMALL.

    And it shows that 0.13GB are missing......

    It is the same SDD.

    What is the problem?

  • Hello to all,

    Firstly, sincerely sorry for the problem. We are working to fix this problem, and will improve it in the future versions. Sorry again for any inconvenience brought you all.

  • Is that new version with the fix out yet?

  • Hello to everyone,

    We have released the latest version of Backupper in recent days, we have fixed the problem that the system backup is not able to restore in this version. 

    You can visit this website to download Backupper v.2.0.3:

    If there are still any further problems, please kindly let us know. Thank you.

  • That fixed the problems...thanks for the help!

  • Hello Guys,

    There are updates about Backupper again, we have released our Aomei Backupper 2.1.0 yesterday, this version fully supports to restore system backup to a smaller location. 

    Here is the change logs:

    And we are plotting how to improve the next version, if you have any suggestions and ideas, please kindly let us know. Thank you.

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