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Creating a bootable drive

Hi.  By following this article, will I be able to boot into Windows and launch AOMEI from a USB drive?

I'm thinking of a situation where the boot drive crashes, is replaced with a new one that doesn't have an operating system on it and then I would boot into the USB drive I made through AOMEI and restore through that a system image.





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    That's correct. But test if it boots before the crash happens. You can also make an USB of DVD on another computer as long as it's the same type, UEFI or BIOS, as the target computer if you want to use WinPE.

  • I cannot create a bootable DVD.  I get a message that says there is no disc and it ejects my perfectly good, new DVD disc.

  • Create the ISO first and burn the ISO image to a DVD with other software than the built-in Windows burner. 

    Are you sure that your DVD is good, empty and writable?

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