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Backup Media Rotation

I want to backup a server with a system partition, a partition with exchange and sql server on it an a data partition. As backup target I want to use external USB HDs. I want to backup every night and I want to have at least 2 external HDs that are changed at least once a week. This would allow me to store one HD in a safe place. The backup should run with a scheme (inkremental with space management). How do I implement this in Backupper Server? Do I have to create several scheduled Jobs for each external HD or does Backupper Server realize with HD ist attached and if there is a full backup as base for the incremental backup? 


  • 1. You can do the system backup to backup your server.

    2. There is a small problem of backuping the exchange.

    We will develop another professional tool to backup the email server such as exchange and outlook in the future.

    3. Yes, you can backup the SQL, but you need to backup the whole partition which includes the SQL.

    4. You just need to create one system backup.

  • My premier question was how to implent media rotation, the rest was only to describe the environment. When I start the first backup on an external HD everything is okay but as soon as a use the other HD the backup will not work because it doesn´t find the previous image.

  • You need to create several scheduled Jobs for each external HD.

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